Lynette Yazici

Tamara is the real deal. I am a shamanic healer myself as well as a naturopath. Being in this industry for 12 years I have had many healings and I can honestly say this was one of my best.  Tamara works with a very pure sacred Egyptian goddess energy. If you are wishing to step up, personally or professionally, I strongly advise a session with Tamara. We all need to be operating at the purest, highest vibration we can arrive at; goddess Maat will most certainly help you shed what is needed, and to obtain clarity to ascertain you are working within your soul’s purpose.  We are very lucky to have such a genuine, authentic person who has true integrity for her spiritual work, and is able to channel for us powerful Egyptian energy. If you want to know what it would have been like to receive a healing within an Egyptian temple in the days of the ancients, sign up for work with Tamara.