Virtual Shamanic Tours

This service has been tailored for the sake of seekers who wish to embark on a spiritual visit to Egypt yet lack the ability to make the physical travel take place. It is offered two times in the summer where visits to Egypt are unlikely due to its hot climate, and once around Christmas where traveling fees are expensive, yet a lot are on vacation and have the freedom to go on such extended, deep work.
The virtual tour goes over 7 days, moving from the south of Egyptian Nile Valley until the end of my territory of mastery in Qena. Astral traveling is the main tool for the virtual shamanic tour, and the seeker needs to have the time and energy for self-care throughout the whole journey. Starting with the introduction of the tour, the seeker becomes exposed, the quantum way, to the magical energy of the land 24/7, just as if there were physically here. This leads to the surfacing of the karmic lessons wherever the seeker is in the world, making it important to utilize their learned wisdom which is going to be dealt with and discussed in daily online meetings for the group.

The general itinerary is as follows:

Day 1

Introduction & Initiation

Day 2

Abu Simbel

Day 3


Days 4-6


Day 7

Qena & Conclusion/Release

The exchange for this service is USD330.

The upcoming round for this service is August 4-10. Deadline for booking with full non-refundable payment is July .