Personal Consultations

These are the only individual sessions offered, and they are a combination of psychic readings (using cards and/or runestones) and spiritual coaching as necessary. These sessions are for you if you are looking for specific answers and guidance on a certain issue, or simply enhanced clarity on the path. Topics for these sessions vary depending on the querent’s needs; examples are birthday and new-year readings, career, relationship, general or mediumship. The exchange for this service is USD45, and the sessions is 45-60 mins long.

Dream interpretation is another personal service I offer and it is totally free of charge. All you need to do is send me the dream in the most detailed way possible. Include any description using the five senses, the setting of the dream, and any background information I need to know about your life to be able to provide better interpretation. Kindly also mention whether the dream is recurrent. I will be replying to your message the soonest I can.