On-Site Shamanic Journeying

The on-site shamanic journeying is my most intense and deepest service I offer. Normally, the seeker has to have worked several times with me, enough to develop the connection of trust and patience required to “survive” such work (still, contact me if you are not a returning client to see intuitively if this could work and discuss any potential prerequisites). This is the shamanic equivalent of plant medicine, yet no medicine is used except the energy of the land, so the utmost surrender is needed to succeed through the mission at every moment. These trips bring out the best and the worst within each individual, and my role is to hear the spirit of the land as it wishes to guide us.

In a more practical sense, I lead the seeker using my intuition from start to finish of the journey, starting with the main itinerary, leading to what to do and which tile to stand on inside each temple, if guided to be this specific.

There is never one right or specific way to lead the seeker; it all depends on the land’s wisdom and the guidance that comes to me. What could be the right thing for one person to do could be the totally wrong thing for the other. I lead the seeker towards the choice that is courage/love-based that will help them step away from the comfort zone and the repetitive patterns that keep them stuck, leading to growth and breaking of old karma.

– onsite shamanic journeying 2-min

Several elements set my work apart from any other spiritual guide to Egypt. I am a self-made shaman, fully trained directly by Spirit into what I do. I am of 100% Egyptian DNA, making me one of the very few local guides who can connect deeper than anyone else to the secrets and potency of the land. The nature of my guidance is mostly feminine; nothing is forced, and not a lot of “doing” is required. It is rather the “being” on the sacred sites, the right place and the right time, that matters the most, leading to the deepest, most enriching, empowering experiences possible. The magic is real, spontaneous and flows naturally during the journeys at all times. There is no need to “purchase” any special/private time inside the temples or tombs for hundreds of dollars for any physical rituals. A true shamanic journey is guided and facilitated by Spirit; private time is provided spontaneously and for free, if truly needed for the sake of the work being done.

The seeker is responsible for their own visa, transportation and accommodation, in addition to my transportation and accommodation if I am not already in the city where the work is to take place.

Following are the dates for the ’19-’20 season. Other options and private Journeys are an option if arranged beforehand:

24-26 October

12-14 December

23-25 January (21-25)

20-22 February (18-22)

5-7 March (3-7)

Contact privately for daily rates for couples and groups.

Note: The members of the tour are responsible for the fees of the guide’s accommodation and transportation.