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Try to have enough sleep that day, be well hydrated and do not have any expectations on what will happen or how it will feel. Any expectations are to limit your experience and might even create blockages against your awaited growth.
Keep yourself hydrated well, eat well and make sure to follow all intuitive instructions I provide you with for aftercare, if any.
There is an array of reactions to Ancient Egyptian energy and the depth it reaches. It varies between pure bliss, extreme discomfort and the spectrum between the two. Healing crises, where a person releases the negative and senses it as real, are quite common and therefore it is advised that you follow your aftercare instructions very thoroughly.
The circles are real temple work without exaggeration. Circles are not the common guided meditation that comes from the mind, but every word, pause and sound are inspired on the spot. The inspiration is a result of the unification of individuals into one whole/collective energy, where Spirit knows what is common between all of us, and the message therefore sounds like it is for each individual, when in fact it still applies to all of us. Seeing and sensing things before I mention them is similar, as I only mention what I am already inspired, and what all of us in the circle are already connected to.
The sounds that come through my throat are healing frequencies that go right through your DNA and stirs the old programs away from your system. The surfacing of such old codes/patterns/beliefs/emotions leads to your having such uncomfortable experience. Sometimes the sounds become very resonant with such negative patterns, as once the negativity has surfaced enough, my voice “expresses it” away from your system.
I have been on a journey of healing since 2008 where I started as a beginner and had countless healing/reading sessions, workshops and certifications, until I was initiated into shamanism in 2015. Even then, my learning of spirituality and the way I healed only was extremely accelerated. There is no client I attract to work with me unless I have healed in myself what they now need help with, and this is how I know mentally and energetically to heal it. There is a common saying in spirituality that “you can only heal others as much as you have healed yourself,” and my life story is rich in miracles of such. I also started my professional life as an academic teacher for the tertiary level, and ended earning a Master’s degree in teaching. This sets me apart from many other people in the spirituality field as I have the ability to move between spirituality/5D and logic/3D as needed, where many others intentionally or unintentionally misuse such concepts.
In spirituality, it is known the DNA plays a vital role is truly connecting to the land. In Ancient Egypt, one would not find “foreign” blood in priest/priestess role. Being connected to the land by blood is necessary for the spiritual connection to be complete. Local shamans are the true gatekeepers to the magic of a certain land and this cannot be offered by someone who doesn’t have the keys to unlock/decode such gateways/codes. I am one of the very few Egyptian people who work in the shamanism of the land, yet I am fully spontaneously initiated and I have my unique awakening story with the temples, which sets me apart from everyone else. In my tours, there is no place for ego. No rituals are recorded or taken pictures of for marketing purposes. Rituals and journeying are respected as sacred/secret work of the Temple. There aren’t fake “poses” of spirituality and such attitude is nowhere near us when we tour. No special arrangements are made to “steal” private time inside sacred sites by paying big sums of money to authorities or bribing inspectors like other guides do. From my experience, I learned true shamanic journeying leads magic to take place in spontaneous flow, and such has been leading for the most magical stories and experiences on my tours. As a local of the country myself, I take my seekers on the most authentic experiences outside the temples, helping them connect with real people and enjoy the country to the fullest. After all, it is a “heart” thing, whether I am the one to lead you through the Sacred Land. If you are into the depth of the Temple work I offer, you will Know.
Most of my clients are now non-residents of the country, so I work online via Zoom Meetings and payments can be made via Paypal.
Yes, I have made sure to make the fees reasonable for everyone. Send me privately if you need any aid in that area.
Send me privately to discuss this. The idea of offering discounts is an option but I need to discern intuitively whether this is possible according to each case.
As we grow, we become more in touch with our exact life purpose and our full potential. My purpose is to eventually work with the masses, so focusing on one person at a time is not applicable anymore, and I no longer have the passion for it. I know I can help much more and deeper when a person signs up for my group work. It is deeper work because of how I advanced recently, and because of the collective energy and support of the group. Group work is also more affordable and much more fun! To be clear, I actually still offer individual consultations which are a combination of psychic readings and spiritual coaching as needed.
Contact me privately for customized work inside Egypt and abroad.

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