After my first main initiation in 2015 at Karnak Temple, I identified as a Sekhem healer. It was Sekhmet’s energy that was my first lesson in Ancient Egyptian Shamanism, after being “wombed” by Hathor since my initial initiation at Abu Simbel Temple in 2014. The second main initiation was in late 2016, and it was all about the cosmos, with the Pleiadians and Arcturians at Medinat Habu. Less than two years later, I was initiated into Operation Maat after my first long Nile Journey, and it was followed months after, early 2019, with Thoth Knowledge at Qasr el-Aguz Temple and Scribe tombs. Throughout my journey in my inner world, I have discovered and learned about several other neteru, topped by Isis and Osiris, during my twin-flame journey.
Therefore, my work is not specific to one Egyptian neter but all of them, and sometimes none of them. Sometimes I channel Christian and Islamic wisdom as well, which are very well part of the land wisdom. Other times the channeling is purely of Mother Nature and the Cosmos in all their Glory. Sometimes my soul “borrows” other deities from other cultures, especially Ganesha and the Buddha. My guess is that the reason is because these deities as archetypes are not exactly available in the Ancient Egyptian religion. As a shaman, all I do is open up and surrender to the flow, leading myself and others into healing and initiations. As a teacher, I compile all my learning and tools in helping seekers learn and master the navigation of their own life journeys. The energies I channel through in my circles and workshops vary between being received as soft, heavenly, intense, annoying and utterly life-changing. There is no specific expectation that could be had, except that the work is 100% of the Egyptian land with all the religious wisdom that is Hers, so the intensity can only be experienced for its intensity and sacredness to be understood.
Sound has always been an integral part in shamanic practices. I use an array of vocal sounds that I started to spontaneously channel at different stages of my development journey. They come naturally to me during the work, and the frequency they carry is of healing vibrations that helps release negative patterns and issues while embracing a new, positive way of life: Temple/tribal chanting: These sounds are musical and vary between sounding like ancient temple chants and remote tribal/shamanic singing and icaros. Light Languages: Two main variations of sounds, Maat and the Meïa. I was initiated into the first spontaneously after my brother’s passing over, and the second one came right after it, while I was having work done on me by another shaman. The Maat language is earthlier, and I always sense it carries with it wisdom and messages from the heavens, programming the DNA with positive codes and patterns, while the Meïa is more cosmic and focuses on deprogramming the DNA from its negative-pattern coding. Overall, the sounds are usually received with mixed emotions due to the cellular processes that always take place because of them. It is normal to move between being utterly relaxed and blissful to being stressed and tensed. Eventually, once the release has finalized, one could feel a deep shift in their personality after very minimal work with me.