Congratulations for having found your way to my humble online space; perhaps this will be the start of a wonderfully magical journey together!
Regardless of any labels, I am just a person who has had some serious emotional issues growing up, and have been aiming at and dedicated to bettering my life for a very long time. On the way, many things took place to help me become the person I am today, and here is a summary of the main steps along the way of my Becoming:

I am 25. I start teaching critical thinking to tertiary-level students. It has been the most pivotal step in my development and aided in how unique, earthly, and balanced my spiritual work is. My teachings are all about diving in the spiritual realms and coming back to apply what has been learned with logic and persistence.

I try energy work for the first time in a reiki session. The profound experience makes me insist on getting to know how that “magic” works.

I learn qigong meditation. I also attend a psychic fair where I have a palm reading that gets me obsessed and I start learning about palmistry, the science of analyzing character through the hand.

I stumble upon a life-changing book “Human Design” that teaches me the importance of following my intuition, which I take as a life rule since. I also attend a workshop that teaches morphopsychology, the science of analyzing character through facial features.

I receive my MA in teaching from the American University in Cairo. This teaches me human beings on a whole new level; rather than just teaching them content, I learned the secrets of psychology and how to help a person find their potential and reach it.

Making the personal decision to take off the scarf, this teaches me never to assume I know the whole truth, and it also teaches me not to blindly follow the society anymore. This was an integral learning to my journey from now on.
I learn sacred dance, and become a master practitioner of Reiki. I also receive certificates in NLP practice and coaching.

I go through a hard time working at a horrible university in Kuwait, away from everything I love. I eventually have an accident and suffer from PTSD that is misdiagnosed by several psychiatrists. I come back to Egypt and gradually heal after leaving all my non-truths behind. This was the end of my full-time career in academic teaching, though it was not a conscious decision at the time. Since then, I learned to prioritize my Joy over anything else.

I start my journey of existential doubt, resetting all my life philosophy to zero and starting to discover the world away from any childhood programmings or outside teachings.

I experience my first initiation in AbuSimbel temple that teaches me I was born different to help people change. Towards the end of the year, I spontaneously receive my first three past-life visions that teach me about the truth of reincarnation.

I attend a holotropic-breathwork workshop where I tap into many learnings from the collective consciousness, including a lesson by God on how He has created the universe. In Karnak, I receive the main shamanic initiation of my life. I also receive a certification in past-life regression hypnosis, and start my conscious twin-flame journey. This latter, along with the temple energies I now channeled through my system, are what have eventually led me to master the ancient knowledge of the sacred temples. I decide it it time to start providing individual healing sessions to clients.

My only brother goes through an accident by which he loses his life 37 days after, which sets me on a deep transformation-through-pain journey, leading to my receiving light languages a month later. I received my soul name, Tamara Maat (the name used in some testimonials), that has helped me for the coming years heal on all levels. This is also the year I host my first shamanic journeys to seekers in Luxor.

Two near-death experiences leave me with no/hardly any injuries, but cause me to transform in much-needed ways.

Another near-death experience helps me reach my inner-balance goal and puts me on a whole new level in Life, and I eventually reap the fruit of inner and outer union with my divine partner. I hold a personal sacred 18-day journey through the Nile, from Abu Simbel to Alexandria, overall including six cities on the way.

I am guided to come back to my earthly name, Maryam Massoud, after successfully rounding up years of deep, karmic self healing. I decide to quit providing individual healing sessions and to focus on the on-site transformational journeys in the South of Egypt, partnering up with my sacred partner to deliver these trips. I am also guided to come back to my childhood dream of pursuing painting and writing for a career.