“Don’t worry, dear Child, the Essence Remains.”

This is a surrendered text dictated through the higher self, Tamara Maat of Egypt.

It is a pleasure to receive you in the humility of this sacred space, where countless potential lies.

This is my humble story to share in summary, and a brief introduction to the soul and essence that I am.

On this website you will get to be in touch with the Power that Created me, and has been giving me the ability to understand, and the wisdom to surrender to the many things I don’t.

Life is bigger than any one single person is. Life is not indestructible, and this is not a negative or mundane thing, for it is in the ability to surrender to the countable destructions of our old selves, that the potency of the deeper meaning of us emerges.

Hereby is a soul that has been engineered in the distant past times to take a whole round into the abyss of humanity into the rising of it, and only now is my little self starting to awaken to this magnitude.

It is in the ability of us peeling through our self-inflicted stories of torture and pain, that we finally unfold the endless capacity within.
This is a website of such a woman living in service.

The tool of aiding the other does not matter, and it is ever-changing and reactive to growth. What matters is the objective.

This is a soul that was created in perfect harmony, and willingly overtook the stories of corrupt mankind over her shoulders. I have witnessed the perfection of abuse of human, god-given power. In past lives, I was a warrior who fought for a wrong cause, a bully who stole others’ money, a rapist, a whore, a writer killed when she wrote against the inquisition, a magical daughter of a Native American leader, an abused African American maid, an Ancient Egyptian wood worker, and a little bit of much more…

I worked my way through the pains of pleasure of the mind… I worked myself through sorcery, I worked myself through pain. It is only in this life that I finally decided this all does not go in vain. This is the life I soar.

Repentance is an act of gratitude and giving back, and now I teach all I know, how to dissect your little broken spirit back into its essence. I teach all I know and only what I know.

The Egyptian temples and the shamans of history have aided me with support. I have no fixed tool, as I mentioned, rather than surrendering to my Soul. What she tells is the way is the tool I choose… I started this whole journey by my little part surrendering to me, with all my endless capacity as my inner god-self I finally paved the way into releasing her from herself, making me land back into Earth, rather than having shut up from telling the story.

If you are called to work with me, prepare to surrender to the unknown, as neither your little self nor mine can tell where this is going to take you… Only to the magnificence that lies within, as the Voice has been leading me towards my real self, and continues to.

I bow to you.